Winter Wedding

Valverde’s gardens were specifically designed to look great on winter photographs. Our evergreen Renaissance garden is a great hit. Pictures at the dam and in the tall velt always come out amazing. Sunsets are soft, the bark of the trees and fairy lights give great texture. Syzigiums and Nandinas add extra interest with red foliage, while iceberg roses are still blooming until the beginning of August. Yellow Euryops and white Osteospermiums are flowering thoughout. Guests love being outdoors for an afternoon ceremony, until the sun sets and it starts getting chilly. Sunset is between 17.20 and 17.50. Keep this in mind for photography purposes. Once the sun goes down behind the Zwartkops mountain, it’s time to warm up at the fireplace or at the boma!

Advantages of a winter wedding:

  • lower venue hire for the exact same package, because it’s not peak season
  • better deals from other wedding vendors
  • less chance of rain (average of 1 day of rain as opposed to 11 in November/December)
  • Good, soft lighting and amazing texture for photographs
  • No makeup meltdowns. Your make up stays immaculate for longer
  • Flowers will last longer and maintain their form
  • Less other events and parties for guests to attend, so your wedding will bet he highlight that they are looking forward to for months
  • Men in a suit LOVE winter weddings… no sweat!
  • Great time of the year if you are looking for a garden ceremony (average max temperature during the day is 25!), as long as you have it in the early afternoon!
  • Menu Tip: start with a delicious hot soup