Traditional Wedding

Our beautiful country comes with rich diverse cultures and at Valverde we recognise and celebrate this.We make provision for all our eleven vibrant and colourful traditions which often overlap and fit snugly together.Our gorgeous couples sit with us and take us through their romantic journey which is often filled with joy, laughter and heart-warming moments.


The merging of two traditions makes for a visual feast of colour and joyous celebrations and mouth-watering menus.A Xhosa bride animated to us how her betrothal journey began with “Ukutwala” where the bride to be is happily “kidnapped”. Which then led to lobola negotiations initiated by the grooms family and after the various rites had been respectfully accommodated the beautiful feasting, dancing and singing got underway.


So whether you want to go the whole nine yards right here at our lovely venue or simply want a ceremony and feast, we ensure that it’s a day never to be forgotten.