Sunday Lunchtime Wedding

This is a very popular option on a Sunday, especially if guests come from far. With the ceremony starting at around 11 or 12, you could serve lunch at around 1 or 2pm. You will have plenty of daylight to take photos. If the sun is very bright, investigate the option of having family pictures taken in a photo studio or indoor room.


You may then consider sneaking out of the reception just before sunset to get the best light for some breathtaking portrait pictures of the bride and groom. You would still be able to run the full program, as if it was an afternoon/evening wedding, with dancing, bouquet and garter and all the bells and whistles.


All your guests would be able to drive home that same evening and be rested for work the next day. On a Sunday, guests will generally drink less alcohol. If you want to avoid guests getting out of hand, or if you are looking for an alcohol free wedding, a Sunday might be the day for you.