Summer Wedding

To rain, or not to rain – that is the question. If you want the lawns to be lush and green, a summer wedding is perfect for you, but remember, the reason the lawns are green is because it rains a lot! The average days of rainfall range from 8 to 12 during the summer months. What to do to save the day? At Valverde, we have an indoor studio for great photos even though it’s hailing outside. This is a fantastic place to take family photos and a professional shoot of the newly married couple.

Advantages of a summer wedding:

  • fantastic time of the year to be outdoors, even at night
  • everybody is in summer mood, especially around the December holidays
  • the days are long, the sun sets late and you can party late into the night
  • a lot of public holidays to plan your wedding around
  • lush, green gardens
  • dramatic pictures just before or after a summer storm and a cloudy sky
  • guests, especially the ladies, can show of their sexy summer dresses