Morning weddings at our beautiful garden wedding venues

Nothing beats the excitement of spring finally arriving in Gauteng! People just can’t wait to spend more time outdoors again. Valverde’s gardens finally awake! Trees start budding, all roses start having leaves, followed by abundant blooms in October. Star Jasmine and Gelsemiums bear a cascade of small white and yellow flowers of a heavenly scent. You don’t have to worry about heat and rain too much (yet!), with the average rainfall being 3 days in September and 7 days in October. Sunset is between 18.00 and 18.30h, and the temperature ranges from 9 to 25 in September and from 11 to 26 in October. Not too hot, not too cold…

Advantages of a spring wedding:

  • Mild temperatures. Perfect for a country wedding.
  • Not yet in the „end of year frenzy“, which in Joburg starts at the beginning of November 
  • Beautiful gardens with flowers in first bloom
  • Great time of the year if you are looking for a garden ceremony
  • Happy People – Usually, spring brings out better moods because of things like warmer weather and blooming flowers.
  • Fresh Harvest – Something that may be overlooked is the wonderful season of harvest that spring brings. Many fruits and vegetables are in-season which can be nicely incorporated into your menu.