Valverde is ready for COVID19

Sanitizer and Protective equipment:

  • Hand sanitizers have been placed at public areas
  • Hand sanitizer has been placed at the kitchen and reception area for staff to use regularly
  • Masks and Gloves have been procured to keep staff and customers safe
  • Rooms and public areas will be sanitized after being utilized by guests and staff.

Social Distancing Measures:

  • All restaurant tables spaced at least 2 meters apart.
  • Take away coffees and food will be available. 
  •  Conference delegates will be seated 2 meters apart.
  • All conferences will be sleeping in single rooms until further notice at the same rate as if they were sharing their room.
  • For conferences we will do tea and coffee stations differently moving forward until the pandemic is over. We will give each conference delegate a tea coffee pack so that each person can seat separately around the garden and public places.
  • Hotel room keys will be placed in envelopes after being properly sanitized for when people check in.