Ceremony Only

If you don’t want a costly reception at all, how about just gathering a few friends and family and have a really beautiful ceremony followed by a few drinks? Depending on your preferences and on how many guests you are inviting (remember, you need at least 2 witnesses!), we will recommend the Jasmine Chapel, the Vista Chapel or a Garden ceremony in the Renaissance garden.


This will look amazing on the pictures, and it will definitely beat a boring court room! After the ceremony, you can make use of the whole estate for pictures, including our indoor photo studio. So even though you are just having a ceremony, you will still have a beautiful wedding album for the years to come. Who knows, you might come back after a few years and renew your vows in style!


If there is availability, you could book a table for lunch/dinner at our a la carte restaurant, Salsa Verde. Guests could even pay for their own meals, and you could order some bubbly or any other drinks for the toasts on your tab!Maybe you choose to spend the night in the bridal suite, followed by breakfast in the room the next morning and a day at the spa!